Simple Spectrum Supplements don't have any added flavors or colors, but because of that, it has natural mineral and vitamin tastes that while it is minimal some of our pickier eaters may object to it in water.  Luckily, since it is in a powder form there are so many ways to get all the nutrients and minerals into our children without the fuss!

  • Juice: Orange Juice, Apple Juice, or any other juice your child prefers! Mix it up in a generous portion and you'll child won't even notice it!
  • Pasta Sauce: Yes, you read that right! Mix it into MAC n Cheese, Spaghetti, 0s or any Pasta sauce and let them devour their favorite pasta along with a healthy portion of vitamins all in one.
  • Smoothies: Everyone loves smoothies, mix it right into the blender and they won't mind a bit while sipping on their favorite smoothie!
  • Popsicles: Freeze it and they won't be able to taste anything over a grape juice Popsicle.

There are so many ways to ensure that your child gets the most benefit from our specially formulated supplement, the key is to not let them know or see it.  Trying new things is difficult for a lot of kids on the spectrum or with SPD, ADHD. or even ADD.  Take caution when introducing it to them and know that just like with any food that is new it will take some time to adjust and get used to.  Don't give up and reward them when they try it and willingly take the supplement! 

One last thing, please don't hesitate to reach out we are here to answer questions every day! Check out our Instagram at @simplespectrumsupplement and follow for more tips! Be sure to let us know of any secrets you have found that work that we may have missed, we would love to know.