Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Simple Spectrum Supplement?

It’s simple. The highest quality vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the most bioavailable forms. Designed to fill the nutritional gaps of our picky eaters. Our nutraceutical is designed to provide the nutritional needs of the developing nervous system with extra support for individuals with autism by addressing potential dietary deficits.

How quickly could one see a difference?

We recommend taking for 3 months for optimal results but a person with a true nutrient deficit might see a difference even sooner.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes. We love our international customers!

Does this supplement come in a capsule/pill?

Due to the fact that many children on the spectrum have sensory issues and/or trouble swallowing, we designed our Simple Spectrum Supplement to be in a powder form so it can be easily mixed in water or your child’s favorite drink. It can even be added to a soft serve food like yogurt, pudding, or purees.

How does Simple Spectrum Supplement taste?

We formulated our Simple Spectrum Supplement to be unflavored and easily mixed in water or your child’s favorite drink. Due to the nature of ingredients, it may have a slight “vitamin” taste, but the mild taste is easily masked by juice or diluted in water. You can even mix it in a smoothie, yogurt, or similar food as well.

How many servings are in each bottle?

Simple Spectrum Supplement has 30 servings based on a 60-90lb child. If your child weighs less than 60lbs, it will have more servings: if your child is more than 90lbs, it will have less. Please see dosage chart for more information

How long does one bottle last?

Usually one to two months depending on your child's weight.

The cap on my bottle isn’t tightened securely. Should I be concerned?

Not at all. As long as the clear plastic seal around the outside bottle cap is on, that’s all that matters. The reason our caps aren’t tightened is because we don’t use any glue or chemicals to seal our bottles. Your child’s health and safety is and always will be our #1 priority.

How do I know when the supplement has expired and should be discarded?

All of our supplement containers have the manufactured date listed on them. Our supplement is effective and safe to use for up to two years after the manufactured date.

Can teenagers take this product?

Yes! Anyone can take this product. Dosage is based on weight.

Can anyone take this product?

Absolutely! It’s designed for those with nutrient deficits based on scientific research. If you don’t suspect any deficits we suggest giving them the dosage right under their weight. For example - if they are between 60-90lb dose we would say give them the 30-60lb dose. If you have any further questions or concerns please speak with your pediatrician.

Can my child with ADHD take this product?

Yes. If you have concerns, please consult with your pediatrician.

Why is your supplement more expensive than my child’s typical gummy vitamin?

This is a nutraceutical you would typically find in a physician’s office for $100 or more. These are pure vitamins and minerals in the best forms with no additives.

Where is it made?

Our product is formulated right here in the United States.

Where are you sold?

On this website, Amazon.com and clinicians / MAPs doctors (Medical Association Of Pediatrics Special Needs) throughout the world.

Does this product contain nuts or have nuts in the facility?


Is this vitamin gluten and casein free?

Yes, it is free from gluten, casein, soy, GMO’s, milk and milk derivatives, added sugar, artificial colors and flavors, and preservatives. In other words, just the good stuff!

Does this product contain milk?

No. In fact it is a nutraceutical free of gluten, casein, added sugar, soy, soy, binding agents, artificial colors, preservatives, GMOS and dairy, Only pure vitamins and minerals in the best forms!

Are Simple Spectrum Supplements vegan?


Does this product contain a prebiotic?

Yes! Larch Arabinogalactan helps to increase the number of desirable bacteria in our digestive systems to support a healthy gut!

Do you third party test and what does that mean?

Yes! We test every batch to ensure what we say is in your vitamin is actually in your vitamin.

What is the cardboard piece in my bottle?

Simple Spectrum is free of gluten, casein, added sugar, soy, binding agents, artificial colors, preservatives, GMOs and dairy. Since we don’t add preservatives this piece helps keep your product fresh. Please keep it in your bottle.

Is it normal to have bright orange urine?

Important B vitamins in our supplement contain yellow-orange pigments and may give off a mild vitamin smell or taste. These pigments when passed through the body may color the urine.

Can you use this supplement with a multivitamin or other supplements?

We really consider our supplement an all in one, including prebiotic, and don't suggest adding much! If you have any further questions or concerns, we always recommend speaking with your doctor that knows you best.

I'm ordering internationally and/or using a currency that isn't US Dollars. How can I estimate the total amount I will end up paying in my currency?

The best way to know your currency conversion rate, currency conversion fees, international purchase fees, etc., is to contact your bank, credit card provider or alternate financial institution you'll be using to make your purchase. Since these fees can vary greatly depending on many factors, we aren't able to estimate this on our site for you. Sorry for the inconvenience!